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Castle Primary School is committed to the highest standards of provision for all pupils with Special Educational Needs.


Developing effective interventions which impact directly on the attainment of our children is a priority at Castle Primary School.






    Miss J Gawn/Miss Jill Mason



Mental Health Lead



     Miss J Mason/Mrs Dawn Fish



                             Mental Health Assistant     Miss Lorna Jackson


Appointments can be made to discuss all SEND related issues by telephoning 01782 433218.

Complaints on behalf on SEND pupils should initially be addressed to the Head Teacher Miss Mason on 01782 433218.



2023-2025 Equality Objectives


Each year the school will set specific equality targets to improve the provision set out within this policy.


School equality objectives for 2023-2025 are:


    1. To continue to improve accessibility for pupils with medical conditions, mental health issues and disabilities within school. Arrange appropriate provisions and training.
    2. To increase staff awareness of issues surrounding Equality through ongoing CPD.

    3. To continue to provide our children with opportunities to discuss information relating to all aspects of equality and diversity.

    4. To review our SMCS/RE/Cultural curriculum to ensure that it is equal to all children.



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