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At the bottom of this page, you will be able to access the policy for Design and Technology. You will also find where the National Curriculum objectives are taught.




Our children will 

      • know that designing and making will hold the solution to future world challenges
      • have developed technical skills and understanding
      • be able to apply their mathematical, computing and artistic skills to solve problems in Design and Technology
      • be able to test and evaluate ideas critically, and tackle challenges with creativity, skills and self-belief




Design technology is taught through our creative curriculum a Castle Primary. By linking design technology to the topic being taught in each classroom, children derive more meaning and purpose from their learning as it is set in a relevant context. Design technology is a practical and imaginative curriculum area where children frequently use higher level thinking skills to problem solve. Design technology as a curriculum area teaches direct making skills linked with the discipline of engineering (eg: strengthening, connecting, and building structures from different materials), but is also an amazing vehicle for bringing knowledge from other areas of the curriculum to life.

By following a model of design, make, evaluate, pupils demonstrate a wide range of technical knowledge that showcases their application of subject knowledge from other areas of the curriculum (eg: use mechanical and electrical systems in their products and apply their understanding of computing skills). The most important facet of design technology at Castle is that it is presented in an exciting and open-ended manner where children’s curiosity and questioning are nurtured.




Children will have clear enjoyment and confidence in Design and Technology that they will then apply to other areas of the curriculum. By the end of implemented learning activities, the pupils will have developed the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. They gain a firm foundation of knowledge and skills to see them equipped to take on further learning in High School.


By the end of Year 6, the children will have experience of;

    • How to follow the design, make, evaluate process to meet a goal
    • Solving real life practical problems using innovation and creativity, both as an individual and as part of a group
    • Choosing from and using a growing range of tools and materials
    • Using and understanding richer technical vocabulary associated with DT
    • Preparing a range of healthy, varied and nutritious dishes




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